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06/08/2012 21:39

What if black people were NOT be entitled to their birth certs?

What if gay people were NOT be entitled to their medical records?

What if people with Special Needs were eligible for testing with experimental drugs?

What if all Travelers babies who died had to be surrendered for medical research and routine dissection for training purposes?

Are you shocked at such politically incorrect language and extreme right wing ideology in this day and age?

Don't worry; just replace the words, Black, Gay, Special Needs and Traveler with "Adopted" and that's perfectly acceptable for the 50,000 adoptees living in Ireland past and present.

50,000 people classified as second class citizens and "illegitimate", 50,000 Irish citizens denied basic human and civil rights contrary to the Human Rights conventions of the European Union and the United Nations.

The history of the Irish Adoption Industry is the last dirty little secret of Holy Catholic Ireland. 

And the Adoption Machine is also by far the worse of all the secrets. 

Babies and children were sold like livestock; rented out for drug experiments like lab rats, and murdered by the cold-blooded with-holding of basics like food, medical treatment and medical equipment from their terrified single mothers who were often the victims of rape and incest. 

From 1948 to 1973, at least 2,132 babies and young children were effectively sold to rich American Catholics by the nuns with the assistance of the Minister for External Affairs, Eamon De Valera, who illegally issued passports on the orders of Archbishop John McQuaid and the nuns.This was child trafficking on an industrial scale.

From 1960 to 1973, in the 3 Sacred Heart run Mother & Baby Homes,there were at least 4 trials of experimental and/or modified vaccines carried out by a state employed Professor of medicine and a Doctor on behalf of the Borris Wellcome Foundation (now a part of GlaxoSmithKline). These trials were carried out on control groups of babies up to 18 months old who were held in the M&B homes instead of being adopted. These monstrous trials were in direct contravention of the Constitution, the International CODEX guidelines, and the Doctor’s own Hippocratic oaths. The Nuremburg Code issued during the trials of Nazi war criminals to prevent the evil experiments of Nazi Doctors such as Josef Mengele ever re-occurring, was simply ignored by the Irish church and state. There was also a fifth trial in 1965 for which no one will take responsibility due to the fact that it turned into a shambles when the "test subjects" were accidentally adopted out shortly after the trial began. For thirteen years, the state, religious orders and the Borris Wellcome foundation (now part of GlaxoSmithKline) conspired, with malice aforethought, to turn between 200 and 300 babies and children into human lab rats in the three Sacred Heart M&B homes and other institutions. After the trials, the conspirators simply walked away. The babies were adopted out without their new adoptive parents being informed of the trials and without any form of monitoring or after-care whatsoever.

Between 1940 and 1965, from the fourth major Mother & Baby Home, St. Patricks, and its sister hospital, Saint Kevins in Dublin, the bodies of at least 461 dead babies were “donated” for routine dissection practice by medical students and/or research, to all the major medical teaching institutions in the state, including Trinity College Dublin, UCD medical school and The College of Surgeons.

In both the vaccine trials and the “donations” of bodies, consent was neither sought from, nor granted by, either natural or adoptive parents. Nor were they even told the truth about their children, living or dead.

Most shocking and disturbing of all is the mortality figures for the babies of single mothers both inside and outside of the High Walls of the Adoption Machine. It is in these horrific mortality rates that the influence and the consequences of the church’s iron grip on Irish civil society can be seen most clearly. Since 1922, the mortality rates for babies of single mothers has run considerably higher than the national average. In the years 1923 to 1929 inclusive, infant mortality rates for illegitimate babies ran at about five times the national average for legitimate babies. In 1930, 60 of the 120 babies born in Sean Ross Abbey died and during the 1930s, mortality rates ran at approximately 4 times the national average. By 1948, John Cunningham, Professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UCD, stated that the annual national infant mortality rates were 47 per 1000 babies born within marriage (4.7%) and 147 per 1000 babies born outside marriage (14.7%), over three times the rate. He also stated that this was not a problem.

In the 3 Sacred Heart run Mother and Baby Homes, there are so called "Angels Plots" which contain the bodies of between 3,000 to 4,000 buried without birth certs, death certs, coffins, baptisms or names, in unmarked or barely marked graves.

Fianna Fail did nothing in all their years in power during the Celtic Tiger, to corrrect the injustice their founder Eamon De Valera inflicted on tens of thousands of Irish citizens. Fine Gael and particularly Ministers Francis Fitzgerald and Alan Shatter promised the sun, moon and stars to the Adoptee community during their time in oppostion, and have completly failed to act on their promises since assuming office over a year and a half ago.