22/09/2013 20:39

May i ask what difference was there in Ireland from War time Nazi Germany to the nuns who ran mother and baby homes across Ireland ....In the concentration camps they gassed the Jews removed the gold from there teeth dug trenches and buried the dead in mass graves....Mean while in Ireland the children who died in the mother and baby homes in Ireland was wrapped in a rag no coffins and buried in mass graves after being classed as spawns of Satan........Castlepollard a prime example the work men drove nails into the walls still visible to this day so as to give an indication on how many died, nails have fallen out but loads still remain Sean Ross Abbey there is no nails no markers no grave stones no nothing except the eerie feeling you are walking on bones. Bessboro is anybody's guess as it was the longest opened and running........Some babies were sent to the Royal college of surgeons for dissection in the name of science while others were used as lab rats in clinical trials better known as the vaccine trials ,.Yet to date 2013 we the survivors have not yet heard or had an apology our Minister for children Francis Fitzgerald sits and nods her head with the nodding dog syndrome..and still fails to address the abuse that happened in these places and refer to us and our birth mothers as historical...............We need a open and transparent and analytic report done free from government and the shadow of church as both are guilty as each other in the crimes committed church and state funded abuse .........................What is needed is open adoption .What we were was forced adoption as no other choice was there, unlike to day the unmarried mother has state backing and the right to keep rear and love her child .....Neither church or government had any right in Banishing 2,500 known banished babies sent abroad to US and future a field what rights did they have to take upon its self to decide these children must be banished as Irish citizens and sent like lepers to foreign lands . Yet to date no effort has being made either by church or state so that they can return to see there home land of Eire.....This has being a long history lesson in Irish abuse we have had industrial schools Reformatories just to name a few we have had report after report done costing millions the last of being the McAleese Report into the Magdalene laundries yet today Sept 2013 the women from the laundries are still waiting to be compensated this is a disgrace .We are the last in the history lesson so its time to open the last chapter and get justice for the mother and children affected by that era in forgotten Ireland.