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A new website and FB page have been launched. Adoption Rights NOW! demands open adoption records, the release of medical histories, minority status for all adoptees, and a full public inquiry NOW! 
This for activists only. NO sightseers or time wasters please! Adoption Rights NOW! is focused on bringing awareness to a sleeping nation of the denial of basic human and civil rights to adoptees via a nationwide and international petition and regular Press Releases with hard hitting facts and figures about the reality of Ireland's savage Adoption Machine. 
If you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work, join up NOW!
We will be unrolling our petition shortly and expect members to download it and take it into your homes and your work places, and from there into the shopping centers and main streets of every town and village in Ireland. Nothing is going to change unless we make the public and politicians wake up and grant us our basic human rights NOW!


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Sean Ross Abbey

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Legal Analysis

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Finding Family's

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1938 "Legal Adoption would confer little advantage on a child who was adopted by desirable people except the slight one that in the matter of death duties the child would be in the same position as lineal issue. Legalised adoption might, on the other hand, be a serious disadvantage to a child in...

Children s rights

21/09/2012 12:37
Thought: Is the new Amendment contradictory? It's supposed to be about the best interests of the child or so it says. So will the courts have to take into account the fact that adoption takes away a childs civil rights for life? In other words, do the rights of potencial parents to adopt,...

Children s Rights

19/09/2012 19:44
50,000 adult adoptees in Ireland yet FG want to bring more children into that category,  A category that will exclude them from the Freedom of Information act. Deny them the right to their identity and birth certificates, Deny them the right to medical histories.  Until Legislation...
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